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Chitu3d specializes in advanced technologies that enable personal manufacturing. We believe our involvement in emerging technologies like 3D printing is changing the world so ask us, learn how this can help your project or business and together we can build the future today!

Our Chitu3d help to build printers are great for:

architects, 3d printers, engineers, fashion designers, toy designers, music instrument makers and repair shops

hardware stores, doctors offices, dentists, orthopedic offices, packaging/shipping/copying stores, middle School hardware shops and robotics programs, high School hardware shops and robotics programs, college hardware shops and robotics programs, architectural offices

Technology Companies:
headphone makers, EEG headset developers, 3D Glasses companies, bluetooth and earbud device makers, personal media device manufacturers, game design companies, personal media device makers, game console developers, phone and modem manufacturers



Compared to others 3D printer motherboards, especially open source motherboards with lacks of powerful print data and add-on the ChiTu motherboard don´t. The ChiTu motherboard was born to aid current and future 3D-printer manufacturers with a stable and easy to use 3D printer controller board. The Chitu firmware includes data and variables collected from different 3D printer manufacturers and in-house testing data by Chitu3d-team. This said, this motherboard was originally mend for 3D-printer manufacturer that wants to offer its customer a 3D-printer with a real stable motherboard with professional support.

ChiTu is the first 3D printer motherboard from Chitu3d-team. The board is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed ARM chipset (STM32F103ZET6) which results in high computing power which makes print outcome more detailed even if the speed is increased. Chitu3d-team Chitu board also have functions that carries out repeated optimization, employing SD file configuration mode which equals to convenient and quick renewal.

The motherboard uses self-developed firmware, with all the advantage of open source firmware and recorded data and awesome features from Chitu3d-team such as the firmware has experienced arc optimization, PID temperature stability optimization and can shutdown automatically after printing (the later need the power module to function). The firmware is closed source but uses a configuration file to anchor the firmware, which can be updated easily and quickly.

ChiTu are compatible for both delta, hbot and cartesian structured printers and consist of two different configuration files- one for cartesian printers and another one for delta/hbot structured printers.

ChiTu mainboard includes a fast color touch screen, enjoying simple interface and high sensitive touchscreen.

ChiTu firmware supports breakpoints, which means you can print, then pause in the middle in the print, save the position, turn off the electricity and the next day you can resume to print again in the exact same position you left your print. This function works only if you have the power-add-on module.

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